A Tracker's Trail is here to help you learn about wildlife tracking by sharing and selling curriculum, offering direction to research materials, and introducing you to online forums and tracking groups.

For our purposes, tracking is:

  • Trailing a wild animal trail so that you can watch it without being detected
  • Identifying who left a track or sign of their passing, including scat, bed, browse, etc.

We carry CyberTracker Conservation's vision to promote the development of a worldwide environmental monitoring network, and we conduct trainings to ensure the quality of data gathered in the field.

Our emphasis on precise observation and evidence-based reasoning makes tracking increasingly useful to:

  • Biologists and researchers for whom natural sign surveys are an effective means of collecting wildlife monitoring data, because they are low-cost, non-invasive, quick to conduct and can easily provide a broad set of ecological data
  • Educators who want to balance high-tech methods of observation & analysis with field time so as to stimulate curiosity in their students, open up the kinds of questions that are asked and diversify the types of students their programs attract
  • Citizen scientists, park naturalists and outdoorsmen with an interest in environmental monitoring
  • Anyone who wants to enhance his or her relationship with local landscapes

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